The least
you can do.

Regain ownership and control over your building data with an independent platform compatible with legacy building automation and control systems.

Connecting the automation

Robot connects even the oldest control systems.

We combined IoT and software robotics to connect building automation systems to the Independent Data Layer even when they lack standard protocols and interfaces.

Isabel Robot

Modular IoT stack for
maximum flexibility.

We reimagined the edge computing gateway. Our modular system is constantly extended with cost-effective add-ons that tackle challenging integration targets and use cases.

Isabel I

Isabel I (4G & RS232)

Edge computing unit and cloud gateway with RS232

Isabel II

Isabel II (4G & LAN)

Edge computing unit and cloud gateway with LAN

Elise I

Elise I (4 x RS232)

RS232 ports for multiple target systems

Elise II

Elise II (RS232 Relay)

Device for intercepting two devices connected with RS232

Elise III

Elise III (2 x RS485)

Two RS485 ports for Modbus energy meters etc.

Elise IV

Elise IV (Analog I/O)

Additional I/O for sensors and actuators

Elise V

Elise V (LON)

Adapter for TAC Xenta and other LON-based controllers

Elise VI

Elise VI (LPB & BSB)

Adapter for legacy Siemens RVD controllers

Storing and distributing the data
Independent data layer

Independent data layer prevents vendor lock-ins.

The independent data layer is a customer-controlled, centralized integration platform. It gives the freedom to select the best-fitting digital services for each building.

Integrations to services

Integrations with partners' systems and services.

We leverage modern APIs and industry-standard protocols like BACnet to integrate the independent data layer into our part­ners' services. Scalable, yet practical.


We can cost-effectively connect even the oldest building automation systems to our supervisory and analytics software.

Tammi Kiinteistötekniikka / QMG Mikko Pieskä, Energy specialist