Building data.
At your service.

Independent data platform compatible with legacy automation gives you the freedom to deploy digital services to all your buildings without investments.

Resource-smart route to efficient building stock.

Apply circular economy and integrate digital services into your real estate strategy without investments or vendor lock-ins.


Extend the service life of your buildings and their HVAC and control systems with new digital capabilities.


Reduce energy consumption and maintenance overhead without investments in new automation systems.


Deploy modern digital solutions to all buildings, regardless of age, condition, purpose, or location.


Become data-driven. Understand your buildings to make the best investment decisions in the future.

One platform three target groups

Owners and operators

Start using smart digital services in any building without vendor lock-ins or investments in control systems.

Service providers

Serve the entire building stock of your customers, regardless of the age or connectivity of their automation systems.

District heating companies

Deploy scalable demand flexibility cost-effectively and without changes to control systems at metering points.

Atmostech iC1000 tai Atmos88 -järjestelmät TAC Xenta -säätimet Ouman EH-203 tai EH-105, modeemilla tai ilman

Plug and play.
Regardless of the brand or model.

At the core of Nobody's solution is a patent-pending IoT device that leverages software robotics to read and control any automation or control system.

We can cost-effectively connect even the oldest building automation systems to our supervisory and analytics software.

Tammi Kiinteistötekniikka / QMG Mikko Pieskä, Energy specialist