Pricing of the Independent Data Layer is based on the amount of connected automation system CPUs or unit controllers.

Independent Data Layer

Independent data layer is priced per connected automation system CPU or unit controller.

Digital worker installed to the edge computing unit is used to integrate older automation systems.

7 € / mo / CPU1

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What's included

  • System and service independent data layer
  • Data retention
  • Integrations to services


  • Data is fetched via an API accessible from the Web
  • Data is fetched using the edge computing unit

Edge Computing Unit

Edge computing unit with 4G for connecting automation systems to the independent data layer.

The amount of edge computing units depends on network segmentation and the types of systems.

47 € / mo1

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What's included

  • Devices and shipping to Finland2
  • Deployment support
  • 4G data plan in Finland3


  • Device for connecting systems in LAN
  • Variant for connecting systems using fieldbus protocols like LON, LPB, BSB, Modbus, or BACnet
  • Variant for connecting one to four legacy systems via serial port
Available in 2023

Add-on Module

Add-on modules can be used to extend the functionality of the edge computing unit.

One edge computing unit can accomodate up to four add-on modules.

14 € / mo / module1

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What's included

  • Devices and shipping
  • Deployment support
  • Data traffic, retention, and integrations


  • 2 x RS485 (Modbus)
  • 4x analog I/O

Custom pricing

We offer custom pricing for partners, district heating companies and large building owners.

1All prices are VAT 0%. Appropriate VAT added where applicable. For Nobody customers outside Finland: No VAT liability in Seller's Country. Customer to Reverse Charge. Art. 44 & 196 EC Dir. 2006/112

2Additional shipping costs outside Finland may apply

3Additional costs from local data plans outside Finland may apply

Describe your portfolio

"I have and buildings with automation."
443,906 € Cost of upgrading the systems over 10 years1
72,925 € Nobody's Independent
Data Layer for 10 years2

15 average-sized and low complexity buildings (5 automation system CPUs / building), 100 data points / CPU. All in all 25 CPUs with a total of 2,500 data points. The cost of rebuild is 150 € / data point. The investment cost of the rebuild is 375,000 €. 10-year loan period, 3.5% interest, instalments twice a year. Total cost of investment (depreciation and interest) for the 10-year period altogether 443,906 €.

2Deploying Nobody's service with 25 CPUs (7 € / month / CPU) connected to independent data layer requires 8 remote access devices (47 € / month / remote access device). Total cost for 10-year period has been calculated assuming 2% inflation rate.