Revive buildings.

Save energy now and reach carbon neutrality on time by elevating your old building technology.

Nobody Engineering connects old building automation systems to the latest innovations in real estate technology.

Instantly optimise your energy consumption without the need to upgrade building systems.
Learn more about your HVAC equipment: how well they work and how to keep them running.
Capture your building data and use it to make informed decisions about the next investment.
Track the ROI, ESG and climate impact of your building technology investments.

We liberate building data.

In the EU, more than 220 million buildings were built before 2001. Most building owners and operators lack the resources to renovate their old and inefficient buildings in time using the traditional approach of throwing money at the problem.

Our mission is to provide a new, data-first way to tackle the energy efficiency of the ageing building stock. We create cost-effective and scalable ways of integrating even the oldest building systems to modern real estate software solutions.

Nobody cares about your legacy building automation.

“We can cost-effectively connect even the oldest building automation systems to our supervisory and analytics software.”

Mikko Pieskä, Energy Specialist
Tammi Kiinteistötekniikka (QMG)